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hurricane earl still packed quite a punch as it bears down on north carolina heading straight for new england this morning. "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us this friday. of course you want to know what's up with earl. >> meteorologist lynnette charles has the answer. good morning, lynnette. >> good morning, jamie. happy friday, everyone. what is up with earl? earl is bringing some rain to the carolinas and virginia. as we go through the morning hours once that sun comes up and go into the afternoon, i'd say maybe around 12:00, 1:00, we will be seeing earl and it will be getting out of here. here are your headlines for today. the beaches still have a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. the winds, 30 to 60 miles per hour with that, and the waves 10 to 15. and then the bay does have coastal flood advisories in effect for today as well.
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so ocean city's temperature coming in at 75 degrees. this is abc 2 storm tracker. we have not seen any type of change over the past hour here. the dew point is 75 and it feels like 71. the winds have been changing and that's about it. the satellite is showing -- this is what i wanted to show you before. i like showing you this one not because it's just pretty but because it shows you what's going on here. you can see where this started. you can see there's no eye as of now. you can see the color here. this is just an enhanced satellite showing you where the shy and coldest cloud tops are, you can see cape hatteras is in this getting the rain bands, the clouds as of now and even thunderstorms in ocean city. you are getting some of the cloud cover as of now as well and rain bands will be getting closer to you as well. as we go throughout the morning and also the afternoon. so speaking of ocean city,
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let's head there right now with justin berk. he can tell us the current conditions that's going on. what do you have for us, justin? >> temperatures in the mid- 70s. i'll use my hand held anemometer. that is a steady wind with a gradual increase. when we first started the broadcast, we were averaging 10 to 11 mile-per-hour winds. that is a sign there is a storm approaching, and as the pressure gradient gets tight, we'll see the winds continue to increase here. so we'll keep this held up. we're starting to see the lights swing and water proof protection around our camera beginning to flap. if you notice we've got our rain gear on. we have just had a little bit of rain coming up. now it looks like i'm wimping out because jack, you are on your way home today with no rain gear. >> yeah. >> why are you out here? >> we wanted to see how bad the waves were.
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>> what do you? i. >> not too bad. >> where are you from? >> clifton park, new york. >> yankee fan? >> no. >> that'll make them happy back home. your mom said you were going to be leaving this morning, right? >> yep. >> in the heart of this thing? >> yep. >> you don't want to stick around and wait it out? >> we actually have to leave today. >> you had a good time and the weather was nice? >> right. >> you heard about the problems last weekend with a lot of rescues. were you in the water or did you just watch people have trouble out there? >> i had a bit of trouble but i got it back in. i did watch a lot of people get rescued. >> you played it safe. >> this is jack row. you love the name. you'll see this guy be famous one day. thank you, buddy. we're watching the high surf and people playing it safe. a lot of people are out waiting for something to happen as the winds and waves pick up in the next few hours. other areas are ready to
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respond now to earl. we have the annapolis department of public works ready to deploy 360 sandbags in the city dock and 90 more to the second street pumping station. and in salisbury, storm drains have been flushed and the equipment has been stored. some took a gamble to leave for ocean city last night. >> yes, to enjoy labor day weekend at the beach. let's find out if the gamble paid off. here's joce sterman live for us this morning in ocean city. good morning, josey. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. right now, there's just a little bit to see. we're at the holiday inn at 17th street starting to get excited. when you first saw us around 4:00, just a little breezy. the wind has picked up as justin said. we all put on our rain gear because we were starting to see it coming. for now, ocean city is breathing a sigh of relief.
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the fire chief rolled past checking on things. i spoke with him quickly. he said right now everything looks good. they don't have any damage or anything they are concerned about so that is a good thing. we are all just watching and waiting to see what the storm does bring. we've been monitoring the surf and watching the waves kick up. it's powerful stuff. as of yesterday, we have the beach closed to everybody but surfers. beach patrol gets out and will look at the water to decide whether or not it's even safer for people to be on the sand. they'll make that decision this morning to see how they feel and maybe we'll see surfers back out here. as this morning moves on and people get up, we're seeing people trickle out. they want to see what did earl bring so far, and we're starting to see the start of the show. i'm joce sterman live in ocean city. back to you guys. it is labor day weekend and it is a busy travel
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weekend. many are expected to drive out of town but others are flying as well. linda so is live at bwi. how's it looking for people headed out of town? >> reporter: so far so good. we're not dealing with any flight days just yet. a lost us will be driving to our summer destination. from carolinas to new england. keeping a close eye on the storm again. so far, fights out of baltimore are running on time but several airlines are allowing customers to rebook if they are afraid to fly. >> we've been tracking it, and trying, depending upon which angle it takes. it could either hit boston or miss it, but we'll get in ahead of the storm. we don't know what's gonna happen after we get there. >> reporter: and because it's hard to exactly predict how hard and where earl will hit,
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especially farther up along the new england coast, airport officials are recommending that you check your flight status early and often just to make sure you are not dealing with any delays or cancellations. we're live at bwi marshal. linda so, abc 2 news. you will not find any problems as you head to the airport. if you are traveling over the eastern shore headed towards the beach, the 97 is looking good, no problems on 50 and the bay bridge, kent narrows bridge looking good as well. no problems on the ocean city expressway. as we check the drive times no problems around the beltway. it's looking good on both sides. on a five-minute ride. the 95 corridor is checking in without any incident. on the very topside between 83 and jfx, you will not encounter any delays. traffic is moving at a nice pace around the area. 95 is looking good. 695 is operating without any
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difficulty. no problems as you make your way around baltimore city, either. stay with us. we have more hurricane earl coverage along with news, weather and traffic when "good morning, maryland" returns after this. /c/co great. [ laughs ] thiss it! [ all ] 10...9...8..
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/c/co great. [ laughs ] thiss it! [ all ] 10...9...8..
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good morning, everyone. we're watching earl still, and we are looking at conditions that are going to be going downhill as we go into the morning. i'd say maybe around 8:00. actually, they are already starting to go downhill because we're starting to see the outer rain bands. let me show you what's going on rate now on maryland's powerful radar. north carolina is getting hammered but we're seeing the wind to ocean city moving in across the area. there's light rain bands for now. we'll see more as we go throughout the day and into the evening time frame, things roughly improve and that's good news. here's the hurricane tracker and here's hurricane earl as of now. it is sustained at about 105, those winds. that mean hes it is a category
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2. right now let's send it over to megan and jamie. we want to remind you, we have a live web chat going on right now. we got a question from someone from bel air wondering, can you tell me what the next storm is after earl and should it be something i'm worried about? what we found out was this. fiona's next and not expected to be a threat. then gaston, too early to tell. this is how it works. if you have questions and thoughts, we would love to hear from you with a live web chat. justin berk is live with a beach. stay with us, chat with us and stay with us all day long.
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. all right. look agent our live web chat going on, i see crews have broken out the rain gear. meteorologist justin berk live, and there he is. it's all true. good morning, justin. >> good morning. we're not breaking anyone up, we're trying to bring everyone together. that's what it is. people have been coming out up and down the boardwalk to see what's going on. of course there is say lit sat
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late trucks covering this opinion i will let you know the conditions do seem to be deteriorating t. a little bit. we're not expecting the worst storm ever. that is very clear to state. this will be a little nasty as we are expecting the conditions to go downhill over the next couple of hours. we've already had our high tide but just over our shoulder, big waves are lapping up across the beach. it's too dark to show them to you. once we get daylight, we'll show you what the beach is looking like. live here at 18th street in ocean city. back to you. >> justin, well check in with a little while. labor day weekend is lost on the earl talk. we want to know what your vacation plans are. if you are flying out, you probably want to know, am i going to be able to leave? we sent linda so out to bwi. what do you know, linda? >> reporter: megan, i've got good news.
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so far, we've not dealing with major are problems at bwi. there are no major delays or cancellations because of hurricane earl, and also for people who are traveling up along the new england area, where hurricane earl is supposed to be headed, things are looking fine in that area as well. but still, some travelers, it's causing a little bit of anxiety as they are dealing with hurricane earl and making sure that everything's a go for the holiday weekend. from the carolinas to the new england area, labor day vacationers are keeping a close eye on the storm. the majority of us will be driving to the final destination, labor day is a big weekend for air travel. several major airlines are allowing customers to rebook their flights because of earl. south west is letting its customers get ahead of the storm. >> some passengers wanted to go early. we're allowing them to go early at no extra charge. >> reporter: again, because it's hard to predict exactly where and how hard earl will hit farther up the new england coast, airport officials are
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recommending that if you are headed up that area this weekend to check your flight status early and often to make sure there aren't any delays or cancellations. we're live at bwi marshal. linda so, abc 2 news. good morning, everyone. we are looking at the beaches and basically where earl is going to throw some rain, throw some windy conditions and kick up high surf as well. let me show you what's going on as of now. right now, earl is a category two and will come very close to the coast. check out the temperature around 90 degrees. baltimore, you will be fine. east of baltimore, you could see maybe a chance for a shower and thunderstorm in the forecast. most of the deteriorating conditions will be around the beaches. as you go into saturday and sunday, wow, we'll take that.
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the surf is 10 to 15 feet. for saturday, 4 to 6 feet. we're not looking too bad. we are going to be seeing change in the forecast. in the meantime, let's talk about the winds because that's the big story here. we have the hurricane force winds, the center of the storm. we're not getting in on that action. we'll get in on the action that's back towards coming out from the center of the storm, which are tropical storm force winds extending 200 miles from that storm. so oh, yes, as we go into 12:00 today, noon today, we'll be in on the bulk of that storm. then as we go into 5:00 that's out of here. that's good news that will be downgrading to a 1. it will weaken as it goes by. as we head into the evening, we can see that storm is out but we're watching this cold front. this cold front will drop those temperatures down. this goes into motion by 6:00. plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the day, tomorrow
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morning. that will continue even as we go he into sunday as well. maybe a few high clouds on saturday, but aall in all, things looking good. sunday more of the same. for today, i'm forecasting a high around 90 degrees. partly cloudy, scattered showers and thunderstorms the farther east you go. by tonight, 75, partly cloudy and a little breezy in the forecast tomorrow. oh, yes, just breathe. 78 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy, a little cooler. we'll take that as well. then we are looking at conditions improving. let's look at this here as we see on your monday, 84 degrees nice and seasonable. then we start to heat things back up as we go into tuesday and wednesday as well. and we are going to know -- actually, i just got some information in here. it says the hurricane watch has been canceled. we just have a tropical storm remaining. i will send this now over to you. >> traffic is off to a great start to begin your labor day
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weekend travels. you are not going to find any troubles on any of the major area roadways. just debris blocking the right shoulder at old frederick road and waverly way. as we look at our drive times quickly, you will not find problems up and down the 95 corridor. the beltway looks good headed towards 97. as we look right now at our cameras making your way towards baltimore city, traffic flows freely in both directions. stay with us. more "good morning, maryland" is next. [ plates clink ]
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all right. we're five away from 6:00. the hurricane watch is over. >> now it's just a tropical storm but still something to watch. emily schmidt is in atlanta beach, north carolina, taking a look at the latest conditions there. >> reporter: this is hurricane earl as it began to move past north carolina overnight. gusty winds, rain and rough ocean water. not as bad as many expected. it's brushing the outer banks as a can the gray 2 storm after people spent days preparing for what was a category four. >> i think it's a serious
5:56 am
hurricane. it can get dangerous in a hurry. why take a chance? >> reporter: officials evacuated 100,000 tourists from the outer banks and closed the island to them. earl can pose plenty of problems up the eastern seaboard. >> just be mindful of what could be happening is very good and critical over the next few hours. >> take this seriously but don't panic. >> reporter: the governor of massachusetts declared a state of emergency thursday. overnight, the president cleared the way for federal response there. it mirrors the response to earl in north carolina. >> we'll be staging commodities such as water and food as well as generators. >> reporter: fema set up a staging area bringing in flatbed trucks and enough supplies to feed 50,000 people through the weekend. even though flights through the eye of hurricane earl show that eye is much less defined, people from north carolina to
5:57 am
cape cod aren't ready to blink just yet. parts of the outer banks are reporting power outages but here it's expected to move through midday with clear skies. emily schmidt abc news. >> go to for a live web shoot and leave your thoughts about. we'll start the 6:00 "good morning, maryland" edition next. stay with us.
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my wife's torturing me. we have lots of water, flashlights, she's very nervous. >> batten down the hatches. hurricane earl is packing a mighty punch here this morning. i'm justin berk. we passed high tide without a problem. right as the sun is about to come up, the wind and waves are picking up as well. we'll have a

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